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Jessica Stong

Jessica has a Master’s in Developmental Psychology. She holds certifications in life coaching, yoga therapy, play therapy, ADHD support, and Literacy Intervention. She's committed to your personal growth using a holistic coaching approach, offering the most effective and proven methods for overcoming the roadblocks that stand in your way. Her approaches to parenting support also provides families the tools they need to grow with courage and strength. Contact her today!


Henry Stong

Henry is the inspiration for Lives of Courage! He's such an inspiring kid! With courage, he works hard everyday at school. He's proud of his unique gifts, with his delightful ADD and dyslexia, which he comes by from his mom! He decided to write his first book, Yoga for Kids by a Kid, because he wanted to inspire kids to know that they aren't alone (as well as earning money as his parents wouldn't let him mow lawns this year). He is planning his next book on Understanding the Brain for Kids.