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Courage Coaching - Individual

Are you ready to change your life in powerful and moving ways?

Are you committed to moving toward your goals, even if you're scared or currently stuck?

If you are ready to make a change (any change - your diet, your career, your relationship with your family, the list goes on), schedule your appointment today. I promise you, it is worth the work. 

Through coaching, you can step into your light and power, and live a life of courage and strength. We will look at your cognitive processes and see how your thinking is impacting your choices, attitudes and behaviors. I draw from my training in life coaching, narrative psychology, behavioral analysis and positive psychology to help you move toward action.  

We utilize cognitive techniques and positive psychology insights that lead to exciting changes in your life. We work together to evaluate your thought patterns and train your brain to respond in helpful and empowering manner. 

With accountability, rapid momentum, and ongoing motivation, you get to move toward your goals with courage and strength. Remember, you are worth the work.

Book a free 30 minute call to get coached and learn more about our package options!

Courage Coaching - Group

When we connect with a group of women with similar values and beliefs, women who want to see us succeed - amazing things can happen.

When we recognize that we all have similar patterns, paradigms, fears, and blocks - as well as comparable passion about our goals and dreams - we grow!

I promise you, something magical happens when you allow yourself to be open and vulnerable with others.

This 8 week master course in managing your brain is designed to rapidly transform your life! (Again, it's available for any and all life circumstances. We work on your mindset to change your life!) 

If you’re ready to create more courage and growth in your life, join the waiting list for this incredible group experience! We'll be in touch when the next group opens! 

Educational Therapy

Educational therapists work with students and parents in one on one settings to develop and implement educational and therapeutic interventions. Educational therapists build a child’s theory of mind, utilize a strengths-based assessment and then help harness these strengths to overcome challenges, enhance their understanding of how their brain impacts their behavior and development, and strengthen any processing gaps. 

Interventions include wrap-around organizational support, emotional resiliency programming, and case management services which include personal development, family relationship building, and communication with school faculty and staff and other related professionals. 

Educational Therapists use the power of a personal relationship to encourage student motivation and to set-up a safe, empowering, and rewarding learning atmosphere. Educational Therapy is often used to support students with learning differences but can be utilized to address most behavioral issues that result from challenging academic, social, or intellectual contributions. Educational therapists are trained to identify and asses student’s learning needs and are able to tailor a complete plan to address and support healthy development. 

Jessica Stong is an Educational Therapist with a Master’s in Developmental Psychology and training in ADHD coaching, social skill development, and literacy intervention. Jessica meets with each family to discuss strengths, challenges, and opportunities for growth. This meeting includes a student assessment to address processing, executive functioning, and behavioral concerns along with an environmental assessment of family structures and supports. After this initial visit, Jessica will create a plan for your child and family to address behavioral and environmental changes to support their full participation and success in school. She will meet with your child weekly or biweekly to coach and support their progress. Once a solid foundation with the appropriate social, emotional, and educational supports is in place, your child will then feel ready to move forward with a strength of purpose and determination necessary for success. 

Sessions are available in person or online through Zoom. Sessions are 60-90 minutes in length. 

Which Coaching Path is Right for You?

The best way to determine if coaching is a good fit is to hop on the phone with me for a quick clarity call! In just a few minutes, we can determine which type of coaching would be most beneficial to you and get you started down the right path. 

Coaching sessions are offered in-person for clients in the Wichita, KS metro-area and online via Zoom for long-distance clients. Your location is not a barrier to success!